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                      1/4 clear mirror in tile frame 1/4 beveled mirror in wood frame
                      1/4 beveled mirror in wood frame Mirrored bi-fold doors
                      1/4 inch mirror in wood frame 1/4 inch mirror with 3/4 inch glass shelves
                      Typical dining room wall mirror insulation Mirror over vanity, with cut outs for  two light fixtures
                      1/4 inch mirror in tile frame 1/4 inch black mirror on backsplash
                      1/4 inch clear mirror above jacuzzi tub 1/4 inch antique mirror
                      1/4 inch clear mirror resting on tile 1/4 inch mirror with small tile border
                      Before After with built in medicine cabinet
                      Mirrored backsplash
                      1/4 white mirror on backsplash